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Your career is our expertise; we work with a fantastic client base and fully appreciate the importance of confidentially and providing you with genuine, impartial advice – alongside exciting opportunities!


Candidate Services – how do you like your coffee?

As a Candidate of Arcam Resources, you can be confident that our professional team will provide you with a personalised, informative and confidential service to maximise your prospects of securing your next career move.

We are a people business and understand the significance to you of moving jobs, or securing your next contract assignment.  We also recognise that this can be time intrusive and frustrating if not handled in a professional and courteous way. We believe it is imperative to provide a consultative approach, firstly by listening and understanding your motives, and if required, providing you with constructive career advice. At this stage we can then commence our search, taking into account the right balance of a number of factors to include; company culture, job satisfaction, remuneration and career prospects.

To ensure you have the best representation in the market, we utilise a cohesive approach using traditional recruitment methods and cutting edge technology, backed with the experience and track record to fully utilise them.

We’re always happy to have an informal chat over a coffee to discuss the market, the role you desire and how we can help you achieve it.

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  • CV Tips

    Your CV is a very important sales tool and if presented wrongly, can potentially affect your changes of securing an interview, or even your dream role!

    Key points would include;

    ✓ Ensure your CV style and font is consistent throughout your entire CV
    ✓ Avoid large blocks of text, look to keep paragraphs concise throughout
    ✓ Avoid having a CV over 5 pages long
    ✓ Always ensure you include your full name, contact details and qualifications
    ✓ Include a skills matrix, with all your relevant skills and how long you have used them for
    ✓ Make sure there are no explained chronological gaps on your CV
    ✓ Under each role, ensure you include your major achievements
    ✓ Also include your technical and personal skills used to achieve these achievements
    ✓ Make sure you run a spell checker across your CV
    ✓ When applying for a role, always be prepared to adjust your CV to best reflect this position
    ✓ If you have included references, ensure you have their permission


  • Interview Tips

    Preparation is the key; irrespective of telephone, face to face or video conference – you need to ensure you are fully prepared, which will instil confidence and help you to relax going into the interview.  There are now many available sources to include company website and social media channels to review the company, and if available specific person (s) you are meeting.

    Key points would include;

    For telephone interviews:-
    ✓ Make sure you are somewhere quite, have a good reception and will not be interrupted
    ✓ Always have a printed copy of your CV and the jobspec in front of you
    ✓ The interviewer will certainly base the conversation around the above point
    ✓ Ensure you know your audience, if you are speaking to a technical or HR person
    ✓ In preparation of the above, this should prepare you of their “likely” approach
    ✓ Research the company, technology and industry sector to pre-empt questions such as;
    ✓ “why are you interested in this role?” – “tell me about your related experiences and skills?”


    For Face to Face interviews:-
    ✓ Check the journey, know your exact route and give plenty of time for unexpected delays
    ✓ Ensure you confirm the appropriate dress code, so you do not arrive over, or under dressed
    ✓ This could potentially unsettle you, which may then put you at a disadvantage to start
    ✓ Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the interview format – technical test? etc.
    ✓ Also, how long it is likely to be so you are not worried about rushing to other commitments
    ✓ Answer questions accurately and where possible, try to avoid “yes” or “no” answers
    ✓ Always try to relate your replies to specific and related examples you have encountered
    ✓ An interview is also your perfect opportunity to find out if the role and company is for you
    ✓ Ensure you prepare questions with this in mind, this will also help to validate your interest
    ✓ Courtesy costs nothing, always close by thanking the interviewer for their time


  • New to contracting

    Making the transition to contracting can be a life changing step involving numerous considerations such as financial and legal implications. We are very experienced with this process and have a holistic approach to each and every step you will need to take.

    We provide all of our contractors with a very flexible weekly, through to monthly payment cycle to ensure payments are processed to their personal preference. This is also back-up with a full remittance service to allow for easy personal tracking or simple reconciliation for accountancy purposes.

    We also provide completely impartial contracting or umbrella company advice and have no vested interests in any company. Alternatively please see additional information.

    ✓ First time Contracting advise;     

    ✓ Sample Umbrella companies;